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Yo-Yo Ball Assorted

Yo-Yo Ball Assorted

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Colours are assorted, one supplied at random

Create endless yoyo tricks with Yoyo ball, which automatically returns to you and never needs rewinding! The yoyo that always comes back to you with a specially designed retractable string!

The yoyo has never been easier!
Makes tricks look super-slick and easy! There are tricks such as Loop- the-Loop and Around -the-World. Amaze your friends with incredible tricks! Colours and styles may vary.

Flip, spin, and bounce
The yoyo ball is a tried-and-tested fidget toy, loved by kids everywhere! Flip and spin it to encourage hand-eye coordination, or see how long you can bounce it up and down on its string. Fidget toys help kids relax and release restless energy. Plus, it can also help improve concentration!

Age 3+

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