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Word Poppers

Word Poppers

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Word Poppers from TOMY Games is the loopy letter juggling game where fingers scramble to grab letters and make up words before it’s too late. These word games are a great way to entertain friends and family during game night!

How to Play Word Poppers
Round by round, players turn over their Word card as the timer starts to tick. On it are three letters to which they must add letter tiles from the jittery game board. Pick and place letters one by one, using the printed letter at the beginning or the end, or anywhere in the middle. Hunt down the letter tiles you need to spell out words of two letters or more. But look out for the timer. When it goes, it sends a shudder through the entire game board, blasting the letters about.

Make Words to Win!
It’s time to tally up your totals on this word game. You’ll earn a point for each letter tile you used in a word, with bonus points for words of five letters or longer. But lose points for left-over tiles you didn’t use or any printed letter on your card that hasn’t been paired with at least one letter tile. On to the next round: pick a new card, drop all the tiles back on the board and start the timer. The first player to score 25 points is the Word Poppers winner.

  • Contents: 1x Game board with pop-up timer, 1x letter tiles, 1x word cards, 1x scoring pad, 4x pencils and 1x instructions
  • Word Poppers is the spellbinding, nerve-racking game where players tame jittery letters into shape
  • The whole game board has a timer ticking down for players to pick up the letter tiles
  • Each player has a card with three printed letters
  • They must add to with letter tiles so as to form short words, long words etc
  • First player to 25 points wins the game
  • For 2-4 players
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