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Unicorn World 9pc Set

Unicorn World 9pc Set

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The Peterkin Classics Unicorn World 8 Piece Figure Set is a magical collection that brings the enchanting world of unicorns to life. This set includes eight beautifully crafted unicorn figures, each one unique and full of character. The figures come in a variety of colours, adding a vibrant touch to any playtime.

Each unicorn figure in the set is meticulously designed, with attention to detail that makes each piece special. The figures come in four different colours: pink, purple, blue, and yellow, providing a rainbow of options for imaginative play. The set includes unicorns with and without wings, allowing for a variety of fantastical scenarios to be created.

The unicorn figures are not just beautiful; they are also durable and safe for children. Each figure measures between 7cm and 8.5cm, making them the perfect size for little hands to hold and play with. They are recommended for children aged 3 and above, ensuring they are suitable for a wide range of ages.

  • Suitable for children aged 3 and above
  • Includes 8 unicorn figures
  • Figures come in 4 colours: pink, purple, blue, and yellow
  • Includes unicorns with and without wings
  • Each figure measures between 7cm and 8.5cm
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Helps develop fine motor skills
  • Promotes colour recognition
  • Stimulates creativity and storytelling
  • Provides a tactile sensory experience
  • Durable and safe for children
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