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Sense & Grow Sensory Tissue Box

Sense & Grow Sensory Tissue Box

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  • Sense & Grow Sensory Tissue Box
  • Age 5 months +
  • Sensory and creative play from Sense & Grow is designed to be child-led.
  • It is a series of choices and constructs initiated by the child.
  • This play connects high-quality pretend play with cognitive competence.
  • Babies are treated to a feast of the senses every time they pull something out of this soft tissue box.
  • It comes loaded with 15 different coloured scarves that come with a range of textures to feel and sounds to explore.
  • Pulling and grabbing the scarves also helps babies practice their fine motor co-ordination.
  • The tissue box is weighted, ensuring the child can easily pull the material.
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