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Schleich - Farm World Tree House 42408

Schleich - Farm World Tree House 42408

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The two farmer family children, Ben and Sarah, can lark about, play and picnic for hours in the schleich® tree house. Who hasn't dreamt of having their own tree house? The set includes lots of functions for hours of fun.While Ben watches the animals from the viewing platform, Sarah slides down the slide. The puppy is already waiting for her. Sarah can climb back up the ladder into the tree house. The cute Beagle puppy can easily be brought up into the cosy tree house using the pulley. They can then all play together. The hedgehog also has his own home in the hollow in the trunk, and the little bird loves his little domain in the leaves.With 2 human figurines, 4 animals and great accessories. 

Recommended for age 3-8

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