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Schleich - Decorated Unicorn Mare - 70573

Schleich - Decorated Unicorn Mare - 70573

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The unicorn mare lives with her family in a glade not far from Soleyas. She loves watching her foal playing and delights over visits from the elves who adorn her with flowers and beads. You can help your elf friends to do this!  There are lots of magical creatures in bayala but most of them are very shy and you can only catch a glimpse of them if you are very lucky. The most beautiful animals are arguably the flying horses and the unicorns. In a glade in the forest not far from the elf town of Soleyas lives a very special family: A Pegasus a unicorn mare and her young. The unicorn mare loves watching her foal frolicking about and flying. She loves it almost as much when her elf friends come to visit her to comb her mane and to adorn her with flowers and beads. Even the elf princesses visit her regularly marvel at her beauty play with her foal and are even able to ride her now and then. It's like sheer magic. Wouldnt you like to ride a unicorn one day?Every unicorn has magic powers. Some can grant wishes others can see into the future.
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