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Real Littles Series 7 Journal Assorted

Real Littles Series 7 Journal Assorted

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Introducing Real Littles Journals - the perfect sanctuary for your secrets! These charming designer Journals come with a Lock and Key, along with a special Bookmark that unlocks a hidden compartment. 

Inside, you'll find four working micro surprises that will leave you amazed. With options like Chocolate Secrets, Puppy Secrets, Butterfly Secrets, Mermaid Secrets, Ballet Secrets, and Ice Cream Secrets, there's a surprise for everyone.

Each Journal also includes additional surprises that match its theme, such as beauty surprises in the Beauty Secrets Journal and fashion accessory surprises in the Fashion Secrets Journal. With 50 printed pages, there's plenty of room to write down your secrets and thoughts. 

With six unique Real Littles Journals to collect, you can explore a world of secrets in the most adorable way possible. Choose your favorite or collect them all - the choice is yours! Unleash the magic, safeguard your secrets, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Real Littles Journals.

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