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Pokemon TCG Hidden Potential Tin

Pokemon TCG Hidden Potential Tin

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  • Contents: 1x foil promo card (featuring Rotom V, Gallade V or Giratina V), 4x booster packs and 1x code card
  • Dimensions: 23.5L x 24.1W x 15.9H cm
  • The code card lets you play online on Pokémon TCG Live
  • There's 3 tins to collect (each sold separately)
  • Rotom is an Electric/Ghost Pokémon, known to take over some machines and cause mayham
  • Gallade is a Psychic/Fighting Pokémon, and is a master of courtesy and swordsmanship
  • Giratina is a Ghost/Dragon Legendary Pokémon, and said to live in a distorted world on the reverse side of ours
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