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Play-Doh Drill N Fill Dentist

Play-Doh Drill N Fill Dentist

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Play-Doh Drill N' Fill Dentist.

It’s time for your check up with the Play-Doh Drill ‘n’ Fill Dentist. This Play-Doh set introduces kids to fun dentist role play.

See the patient stick out his tongue and start your Play-Doh Drill ‘n’ Fill Dentist appointment. Shape teeth with the tooth moulds, fight cavities with the electric drill and fill them in with more Play-Doh compound. Add some braces with the roller and keep the patient's teeth nice and clean by squeezing some Play-Doh toothpaste through the toothbrush.

Sensory play with creative, tactile toys can help support your child’s development. Sensory toys like dough can be soothing and calming, building communication, motor skills and independent thinking.

  • Includes: 10 tools, a patient and 8 cans of Play-Doh.
  • Play dentist with Play-Doh!
  • Mould a whole row of teeth at once.
  • Open the patient’s mouth to see his tongue stick out.
  • Use the drill to create hollows & add Play-Doh fillings.
  • Roll out silver and gold-coloured Play-Doh braces.
  • The toothbrush squeezes out Play-Doh toothpaste.
  • Dental floss stick, mouth mirror and tweezers.

Ages: 3+

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