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Pictionary Game Classic

When you play with your friends, it quickly becomes clear who has drawing talent and who doesn't. This game provides a lot of hilarity! Use felt-tip pens to draw clues as quickly and clearly as possible to guess what is on the card. The answers that are given are often as hilarious as the drawings themselves. You have one minute to make clear what is on the card with drawings. Is it an animal? A person? An action? What word are you drawing? If your teammates don't understand your clues, change tack: you never know which clues will lead to a good answer. Players take turns drawing so everyone can show off their artistic side! Brace yourself because everyone is laughing so hard that tears are running down their cheeks! The Pictionary game consists of two erasable felt-tip pens, erasable boards to draw on and new questions in the Pop Culture category. Pictionary has been the ultimate party game since 1985!

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