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Orbeez Feature Shimmer

Orbeez Feature Shimmer

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  • 1,300 MULTI-COLORED SHIMMERING ORBEEZ The Orbeez Shimmer Feature Pack comes with 1,300 Orbeez, that Shimmer and sparkle, packed in a clear plastic container with a locking, flip-top lid! 
  • M’ORBEEZ, MORE FUN: Enjoy endless ways to play, from bouncing and crushing to sorting and squeezing enjoy various satisfying sensations with the Multi-Colored Shimmering Orbeez Feature Pack! 
  • MAKES A GREAT ASMR GIFT: Bring home all the Orbeez sensory activating toys, like the Orbeez Sensation Station, for an invigorating sensory experience like no other! 
  • SENSORY TOYS: Experience satisfying tactile stimulations that will calm the mind, soothe the senses and develop fine motor skills! Orbeez are great stress balls, fidget toys and learning toys! 
  • NON-TOXIC AND SAFETY TESTED: Orbeez have been tested to meet international toy safety regulations, are non-toxic and safe for play, as an alternative to modeling clay, slime kits and silly string! 
  • Includes: 1,300 Shimmering Orbeez, 1 Plastic Container

Age 5+

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