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Mini Craft Kit French Knit Butterfly

Mini Craft Kit French Knit Butterfly

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  • KNITTING WITHOUT NEEDLES: Sometimes referred to as spool knitting, corking, tomboy knitting, and peg knitting.

    COGNITIVE BENEFITS FOR KIDS: Knitting helps develop cognitive skills such as focus and concentration. It also reinforces fine-motor skills that are needed for writing. Following patterns from left to right and seeing immediate progress helps with confidence in reading.

    LEARN TOGETHER: French knitting is a great craft for quality time with parents and children, or siblings to learn together.

    DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS: The step-by-step illustrated instructions introduce French knitting basics for the novice.

    EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE BOX: No stress for parents having to source extra supplies. All you need for your project is included.

    INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO CREATE 3 BUTTERFLIES: French knitting tool, crochet needles, plastic sewing needles (2), colored yarn (orange, green, yellow, pink and blue), googly eyes (6), and detailed illustrated instructions. Ages 8+.

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