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Littlest Pet Shop Tiki Jungle Play Pack

Littlest Pet Shop Tiki Jungle Play Pack

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Introducing LPS Generation 7:
A new generation of Littlest Pet Shop has arrived; Series 1 Generation 7 is here!
Tiki Jungle Play Pack includes: 3 unique bobblin’ head pets, 6 cute accessories, 1 collector card, 1 virtual code and 1 collector’s guide.

Tiki Jungle Play Pack:
It’s Tiki time for our Jungle pals, Iguana #52, Tiger #51, and Monkey #50 are ready for a fun adventure! Build your hut and have some fun with this wild trio!

Collect them all:
Unwrap the excitement with LPS Generation 7! Each surprise box in Series 1 brings a new bobblin’ head pet into your world, complete with a cute accessory, a collector card, a special virtual code, and a guide to track your collection. Embark on a journey to gather all 18 unique pets from Series 1 of Generation 7 and create your own vibrant Littlest Pet Shop universe!

Virtual Play:
Join our virtual play experience! With the code on your coin, you can unlock unique surprises, including virtual pets. Scan the QR code on our packaging or on the back of the collector card to learn more!

About Littlest Pet Shop:
Littlest Pet Shop encourages community and imaginative play. Experience the joy of unboxing and discovering your new pet-friends. Collect them all, share, and trade. Welcome to the world of LPS!

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