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Little Live Pets Lil Bird Skyler / Tweet Twinkle Assorted

Little Live Pets Lil Bird Skyler / Tweet Twinkle Assorted

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2 styles available, Tweet Twinkle (Blue) and Skyler (Pink) - one supplied, at random.

Age 5+

  • These adorable little birds with big beautiful eyes and bright light up wings, come to life in your hands as you pet and interact with them.
  • Gently stroke your Lil' Bird's back and it will tweet for you! Your Lil' Bird's wings will also light up! They really react to your touch!
  • The more you pet, the happier your Lil' Bird will get! They will chirp and tweet for longer and eventually whistle a tune for you!
  • Lil' Birds love to chat and repeat what you say! Press the Lil' Bird's talk button on its chest and say your message.
  • Your Lil' Bird will immediately repeat your message back to you!
  • These colourful toy birds will brighten your day with over 20 bird sounds to sing! 
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