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LEGO FRIENDS - Electric Car and Charger - 42609

LEGO FRIENDS - Electric Car and Charger - 42609

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Inspire imaginative driving adventures with the LEGO Friends 42609 Electric Car and Charger Toy Set. This toy car building set includes a pretend charging point, 2 LEGO Friends characters, accessories and a dog toy figure.

With this small LEGO set, kids can tell the story of how LEGO Friends Nova and Zac enjoy lunch together at the solar-powered vehicle charging station. They can connect the eco toy car to the charging point using the nozzle. The LEGO vehicle has seats for the LEGO Friends mini-dolls plus a seat for Dango the dog. The role-play toy also features an opening bonnet with space to store accessories. The charging station includes a table and 2 chairs, where Zac and Nova can enjoy a picnic, and there are food and water bowls for Dango.

This building set for kids makes a fun toy or special-occasion gift for anyone who loves role-play adventures. Let the LEGO Builder app guide your child on an intuitive building adventure, allowing them to zoom in and rotate models in 3D, save sets and track their progress

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