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KINETIC SAND Squish n Create

KINETIC SAND Squish n Create

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Kinetic Sand Squish n Create Playset
  • octagon mould, layer sand, squish it, slice it and more. Reveal a new design each time
  • This Kinetic Sand kit features 127g each of yellow, pink and blue Kinetic Sand. Fluff the sand and let it flow, then layer, carve and slice with the tools to reveal your unique designs
  •  With 5 Kinetic Sand moulds and tools to create with, transform the sand and customise your effects
  • Includes: 382g of Kinetic Sand, 1 Squisher Handle, 1 Flat Squish Head, 1 Cut Squish Head, 1 Octagon Mould, 1 Shape Stamper, 1 Flow Fork
  • Age 3+ Years
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