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Kinetic Sand Mermaid Crystal Play Set

Kinetic Sand Mermaid Crystal Play Set

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Kinetic Sand Mermaid Crystal Play Set
  • KINETIC SAND MERMAID CRYSTAL PLAYSET: Uncover mermaid treasure with this playset. Featuring shimmer sand, tools and a reusable crystal container storage for easy clean-up
  • 481G OF KINETIC SAND: Includes 2 types of Kinetic sand — neon and shimmer sand. Mix them together to discover new colours or layer them for mesmerising creations
  • REUSABLE CRYSTAL STORAGE: Create epic sand art in the reusable crystal container. Use the container as a play space and fold it up when you’ve finished for easy clean-up
  • 6 HIDDEN SURPRISES: Fluff the sand and feel it flow through your fingers like slow-moving liquid. Discover mermaid-themed tools, moulds, pearls and gems. Perfect gift for kids aged 3 and up
  • Includes: 298g of Neon Purple Sand, 28g of Neon Pink Sand, 155g of Shimmer Gold Sand, 1 Reusable Crystal Container, 1 Shell Scoop, 1 Mermaid Key, 1 Shell Roller, 1 Clamshell Mould, 2 Gems, 4 Pearls, 1 Instruction Sheet
  • NON-TOXIC AND SAFE: Kinetic Sand for kids is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and safe for pretend play, arts and crafts, sand art and kids’ crafts. Satisfyingly oozes, moves and melts!
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