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Kinetic Sand Doggie Dig Playset

Kinetic Sand Doggie Dig Playset

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Dig for treasures with this Kinetic Sand Doggie Dig Playset (Styles Vary).

This Kinetic Sand kit includes 170g of Beach Sand, 1 of 4 super-cute dogs that double as a multi-purpose tool, and two treasures. Doggie Dig will spark imagination and excitement as kids use their beagle, pug, husky, or corgi’s paws to dig through the play sand, revealing their dog-themed hidden treasures. They may even find the golden treasure! With four dogs to collect (sold separately), kids can play with hidden stamps, a knife, or a mould for endless ways to play. The reusable kennel container folds up for convenient storage.

The one and only Kinetic Sand is made from natural sand that sticks to itself for easy clean-up. Create again and again, and let it flow through your hands — it’s so satisfying, that you won’t be able to put it down! Kinetic Sand is an exciting alternative to arts and crafts modelling clay and is a welcome addition to the craft table, sensory bin, kids’ activities time and Montessori toys. What dog-themed world will your child create with Kinetic Sand Doggie Dig?

Product Features:

  • Includes: 170g Kinetic Beach Sand, 2 x Accessories, 1 x Dog Character, 1 x Kennel Container with Dog Bed, and 1 x Collectors Sheet
  • Discover 1 of 4 dogs that double as a stamp, mould, or knife (styles vary)
  • Use the dog’s paws to dig through the Kinetic Sand and reveal 2 doggie treasures in every set
  • Features a reusable kennel so little ones can display their dog on it’s own doggie bed
  • Made from natural sand that magically sticks together for easy clean-up
  • Suitable for ages 5 years +
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