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KidzLabs Math Magic

KidzLabs Math Magic

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KidzLabs Math Magic
  • Astonish your friends with maths magic tricks!
  • This kit contains over 15 fun maths tricks, games and puzzles. Learn how to read minds and astonish your friends with speed calculations.
  • Amaze your audience with different funny math tricks and play the specially designed maths memo with them!
  • Kit includes a calculator which is also a keyring.
  • Contents: Contains 1 calculator, 2 dice, 1 set magic mind reading cards, magic square card printed with numbers, 1 super magic square, 1 set beauty of math number cards, 40 math memo cards, wired puzzle templates, magic flip puzzle templates, escape paper printed with lines and detailed instructions for playing over 15 math tricks, puzzles and games, includes fun explanations and facts.
  • Age 8+
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