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KidzLabs Bubble Science STEM Kit

KidzLabs Bubble Science STEM Kit

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KidzLabs Bubble Science STEM Kit

Children are naturally drawn to bubbles and keen to try making different shapes and effects with them. KidzLabs Bubble Science taps into that natural desire to experiment, using bubbles to introduce early science concepts to kids. This fun set is appropriate for children aged 5 and up, so it's a great choice for siblings or friends to complete together.

Detailed instructions guide parents and kids through every experiment and activity to ensure best results and maximise learning. The kit comes with a bubble tray, giant bubble wand stoppers and sticks and much more. With these essentials, kids can create a bubble that is incredibly huge or one that cannot be broken.

The guide is packed with tricks that children can perfect and show off again and again. For your convenience a bubble recipe is even included, so you can create your own solution as part of the fun.

Agee 5+

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