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Eco Gelli Baff Colour Change Yellow to Green 300g

Eco Gelli Baff Colour Change Yellow to Green 300g

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Colour Change Gelli Baff by Zimpli Kids is a totally unique, fun, bathtime product that lets you turn water into goo and back again! The goo changes from ballistic blue to purple planet. By adding Gelli Baff powder to water, you can create a thick colourful goo. By simply adding a second ‘dissolver’ powder, the goo turns back to coloured water to be drained away safely and easily.  100% safe on skin, manufactured in the UK, stain free, non toxic. Age 3 – 10 years. Gelli Baff can aid creative, cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. The perfect product for Messy and Creative play! Creative Development – Gelli Baff provides open-ended opportunities where the process is more important than the product. Using creative thinking skills and expressing creativity are important self-esteem builders. Cognitive Development – making water turn into goo will help children see and understand that materials can change the state they are in (liquid to solid). Physical Development – Children develop fine motor skills while pouring, measuring, stirring and manipulating the geli baff. Social and Emotional Development – Children will learn to co-operate and have the opportunity to work as a team if playing with another child. Eco friendly packaging and product, fully biodegradable.
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