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Cutetitos Islanditos

Cutetitos Islanditos

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Cutetitos Islanditos
  • Let your imagination take you to a beautiful tropical island with the Cutetitos Islanditos!
  • These plush children's toys are adorable, super-soft stuffed animals wrapped and hidden inside island-themed blankets — just waiting to be unrolled and discovered!
  • Each Cutetitos Islanditos comes scented with a fun island-themed fragrance to wow your senses, including bananas, coconuts and tropical punch.
  • These pet toys for kids are great to take on adventures! From a Mermaidito to a Reyito and even a Lobsterito, check out your Cuteito's sun-shaped sweet spot to find out if their personality is sweet, so sweet, extra sweet, or super sweet!
  • Packed in a surprise mystery bag, there are 10 new friends to collect, each with its own pet collector card! From enchanting mermaids to dazzling stingrays - which new friend will you unwrap?
  • These 7.5 inch cute toys make an ideal birthday gift for kids. Each Cutetito Islandito has its own personality and comes wrapped in a soft, plush island-inspired blanket - great for role-play fun.
  • Age 3+
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