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Cluedo Junior

Cluedo Junior

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Crack the case of the missing cake in the Cluedo Junior board game. This whodunit game for younger kids brings all the mystery and fun of Cluedo to a whole new story.

In the Cluedo Junior game, players search under furniture and characters for clues to who took the missing cake, when they took it and what they drank with it. Roll the dice to see if you can move characters, look under them or look under the furniture for clues. Keep an eye out for the trail of crumbs!

As kids uncover clues, they’ll rule out choices and build their case. In the Cluedo Junior board game, you’ll have to be the first to discover what happened to win.

Was it Colonel Mustard at three o’clock with the milkshake? Or Dr Orchid at one o’clock with the apple juice? The answer is different every time, so join the search for clues to find out!


Age 5+

2-4 Players

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