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Bunch O Balloons Tropical Self Sealing 100+ Water Balloons

Bunch O Balloons Tropical Self Sealing 100+ Water Balloons

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Fill and tie 111 water balloons in less than 60 seconds with the ZURU Bunch O Balloons! Why spend time you could use to play filling individual water balloons when you could have an entire water balloon arsenal in less than a minute?

For less mess and less stress, arm yourself with the ZURU Bunch O Balloons self-tying water balloons. There’s no hand-tying necessary: ZURU’s innovative O-Ring technology and rapid fill capabilities will do all the work for you, so you have even more time to play. The Bunch O Balloons has 37 self-sealing water balloons in every bunch and each pack includes three bunches.

Prepare yourself for a summer full of amazing water balloon fights. With the ZURU Bunch O Balloons on your side, you’ll be sure to win your next water balloon battle. Come out to play and let the balloon warfare begin!

With the incredible ZURU Bunch O Balloons, you can simply connect the included adaptor and fill with water to create hundreds of water balloons in under a minute. There are several different styles of water balloon available.


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