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Aphmau Mystery Meemeow 6 Inch

Aphmau Mystery Meemeow 6 Inch

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  • Based on the #1 female-led YouTube gaming channel, Aphmau
  • OFFICIAL APHMAU MERCH: Aphmau, the mega star female gamer and popular YouTuber, is known for her love of cats and her collection of adorable MeeMeow plushies. These cute plushies are officially licensed Aphmau merch!
  • ALL NEW COLLECTION: A magical new litter of Aphmau MeeMeow plushies has arrived! Litter 4 is the latest blind box release from the Aphmau universe and is sure to have you starry-eyed! They’re purr-fect for fans of Aphmau, the #1 female-led YouTube gamer!
  • CELESTIAL THEME: Litter 4 is a collection of the cutetest celestial themed plushies. Discover Moon Cat, Sun Cat, Galaxy Cat, Ruby Cat, Sapphire Cat, Emerald Cat, Diamond Cat and Rainbow Cat!
  • COLLECT THEM ALL: Discover the collector poster inside each mystery box and collect all 8 celestial themed MeeMeow plushies! There is a whole world of official Aphmau MeeMeow plush to collect!
  • SOFT AND HUGGABLE: These cute cat plushies make the most meow-velous cuddle companions with super soft material, a squishy body and their signature happy faces and big adorable eyes!
  • EXCITING UNBOXING SURPRISE: Opening a MeeMeows mystery box is a thrilling experience every time! Inside each surprise box is one of eight possible Celestial themed Aphmau MeeMeow plush toys – who will you find?


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