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Barbie Cutie Reveal Cute Tees

Barbie Cutie Reveal Cute Tees

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Barbie Cutie Reveal Cute Tees
  • Barbie Cutie Reveal Cozy Cute Tees dolls offer the cutest unboxing experience with 10 surprises!
  • Discover a sweet Lamb, cuddly Teddy Bear, posh purple Poodle or bashful Lion, each with a sewn-on tee featuring an inspirational word. Remove the plush costume to reveal a posable Barbie doll with long, colourful hair.
  • Get cozier with more surprises to open like a headband, satin skirt and matching mini pet.
  • Reverse the plush top for a fleece jacket and flip the costume head for a pet bed.
  • Icy cold water adds even more cuteness with colour-change transformations on the doll's hair and mini pet - warm water changes them back for repeat fun! Kids will love discovering all the cute surprises in this cozy cute Barbie Cutie Reveal series. Includes doll in animal costume and 10 surprises.
  • Each doll sold separately, subject to availability. Dolls cannot stand alone. Colours and decorations may vary.
This item arrives as an assortment. If you would like a specific one please leave a note at checkout. (Subject to availability)
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