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Bakugan Legends Starter Pack Season 5

Bakugan Legends Starter Pack Season 5

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Bakugan Legends Starter Pack Season 5
  • Contents: 1x Bakugan Ultra, 2x Bakugan, 6x BakuCores, 3x Character Cards, 1x Gate Card, 1x Collector Sheet & 1x Bakugan Toy Battling Rules Sheet
  • Prepare to brawl, this Starter Pack has everything you need to roll!
  • The Bakugan open when rolled across BakuCores
  • Ultra leap open, picking up BakuCores to reveal their hidden power
  • Use the Gate Card for even more ways to play
  • Earn bonuses to add to your Bakugan’s power
  • The character card will help you to defeat opponents in the Bakugan Battle arena
  • Build your collection, trade with friends and battle
  • Recommended for Age 6+
  • Styles vary, one supplied at random
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