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Bakugan Legends Platinum Season 5

Bakugan Legends Platinum Season 5

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Bakugan Legends Platinum Season 5
  • Contents: 1x Platinum Bakugan , 2x BakuCores, 1x Character Card, 1x Gate Card & 1x Collector Sheet
  • Unleash the strength of the all-new Platinum Bakugan
  • Featuring true metal finishes & awesome details, Bakugan are stronger than ever
  • The Bakugan open when rolled across BakuCores
  • They'll transform from BakuBall toys into fierce creatures!
  • With the Gate Card, if your Bakugan opens and lands on a gate they'll discover a power bonus
  • Level up your battles by collecting the all-new Platinum Bakugan action figures (each sold separately)
  • Recommended for age 6+
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