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Magformers 40pc with Storage Box

Magformers 40pc with Storage Box

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Magformers are educational construction toys for girls and boys that allow you to build your own magnetic 3D structures. The basic principle is that your creativity and, of course, the amount of fun you have while playing is unlimited.

  • Children aged 3+ can explore shapes and magnets with this fantastic set - which contains 40 basic shapes including triangles, squares, pentagon, hexagon & isosceles triangles. This is the perfect starter set for fun - or even to be used as a teaching aid for Geometry and symmetry and understanding of nets and 3D building!

    The Magformers Basic 40 comes complete with the most popular Magformers pieces and model booklet, all stored in a brilliant storage container, which can be used to keep the pieces stored neatly when not in use.
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