Kidulting - How You Can Rediscover Playfulness in Adulthood

Kidulting - How You Can Rediscover Playfulness in Adulthood

Did you know 'kidulting' is on the rise?

Kidulting is where as adults, we return to the simple, enjoyable activities that we loved as children, to help us relax, unwind and partake in a bit of mindfulness. Colouring, painting, jigsaws, and LEGO are go-to choices for kidulting activities. Excitingly, there are more and more products being created especially to cater to us - the big kids! 

Too often, adulthood is equated with seriousness and solemnity, leaving little room for play and spontaneity. However, by embracing kidulting, adults are reclaiming the right to be playful, curious, and adventurous – qualities that are essential for personal growth and self-expression.

It's all about balance... By incorporating moments of play and whimsy into our lives, we can cultivate a healthier and more fulfilling approach to adulthood.

We've highlighted some of our newest arrivals in Jigsaws and CreArt (Paint by Numbers designed for teens & adults) so you can maybe think of picking up a jigsaw or a paint brush this month.

Browse our Teens & Adult section, where you'll surely find a 'kidulting' activity to suit you!

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