Concert Bracelet Making

Concert Bracelet Making

Taylor Swift Fans Rejoice! We've got the low-down on the biggest creative trend for tweens and teens.

Friendship Bracelet making and swapping has become synonymous with Taylor Swift since her Eras tour began, and with Eras landing on our shores in June we thought it would be a great time to highlight this wonderful pastime. However, you don't have to be a Taylor fan to indulge yourself in this creative activity, which is nostalgic, creative, fun for all ages to enjoy together, great for fine motor skills, and even for spelling if you want to include some alphabet beads in your creation!

In the digital era, when so much of our communication is intangible and happening in the cloud somewhere, the act of making someone a physical token of friendship or affection holds even more meaning than ever - they really are symbolic of the ties that bind us!

Pick up a kit, or go full DIY and select your preferred beads, ribbon, twine etc - we've got all kinds of options... Even Loom Bands! Yes, they're back, if you didn't know. Some of you might even remember the craze the first time round from the early 2000's!

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