Chocolate Free Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Chocolate Free Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

This Easter, the Easter Bunny is thinking of ditching the chocolate, and opting for adding a touch of imagination to the traditional egg hunt! We’ve got the lowdown on some of his top ideas - what do you think?

Storybook Surprise:
Kids can dive into a story crafted by the Easter Bunny, with pieces of the story hidden in eggs along the way. Instead of chocolate at the end, Easter Bunny might have left a toy related to the tale!

Artistic Egg Hunt:
Discover eggs filled with art supplies hidden by the Easter Bunny. Use the supplies to decorate Easter-themed crafts or toys.

Crafty Clues:
Follow the treasure map the Easter Bunny has left, leading to hidden eggs. Inside each egg, find a clue or craft supplies for a DIY project. The final clue leads to a larger toy or craft kit.

Puzzle Quest:
Search for puzzle pieces inside eggs the Easter Bunny has scattered. Once found, work together to assemble the puzzle, revealing a picture of the location of a game for the family the Easter Bunny has hidden.

Kids could even help to get some of these elements prepared for the Easter Bunny to pick up and arrange in the garden on Easter morning, giving them a fun activity for one of the rainy afternoons we're promised this week!

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