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Real Littles s2 Backpack

Real Littles s2 Backpack

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Assorted. You will receive a random one. If you'd like a specific one, please let us know by leaving a note in the comment box during checkout. Subject to stock availability.

Unzip your Backpack to reveal 6 cute stationery surprises! These tiny toy school supplies have been made mini, but they all really work! Each Micro Backpack has a working zip and a clip so you can hang it onto your bag!

• 1 x Mini Backpack
• 6 x Stationery Surprises

There are over 55 mini stationery surprises to find! Plus, now you have a chance to find the Limited-Edition Mini Calculator Keychain! Collect them all! Swap and share them with your friends to create the ultimate micro stationery collection! 

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