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Play-Doh Care and Carry Vet

Play-Doh Care and Carry Vet

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  • Contents: Pup, carrier, 284g Play-Doh, 10 vet tools
  • Grow silly Play-Doh hair and a Play-Doh tongue
  • Mould pretend fleas and pick them off with the tweezers
  • Take-along pet carrier with bow and medicine moulds
  • 5 Play-Doh pots in blue, pink, orange, brown and green
  • Stethoscope stamper, syringe extruder and tweezers
  • Bandage roller, 2 bandage stampers and bandage box
  • Thermometer mould, tweezers, scissors, knife
  • Fun arts and crafts playset for kids 3 and up
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