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Jewellery Design Kit

Jewellery Design Kit

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Jewellery Design Kit Artistic little ones can create their very own trendy sculpted bead necklace with the Tiger Tribe Super Clay Jewellery Design Kit! Super Clay is a lightweight air-drying clay for kids that doesn’t require any baking. Little jewellery designers can use the soft moldable texture to roll, stretch, swirl and sculpt their own unique designs with this fun kids jewellery set. What will they make next, a beaded necklace? A heart shaped friendship necklace? The easy to follow instructions will have crafty kids bring their beaded necklaces to life in no time at all. Why not give the necklace creations to family and friends? Super Clay is non-toxic and mess free, too. Jewellery Design Kit - Super Clay Necklaces product features:
  • 2 Super Clay colour pots (8 colours)
  • 2 necklace chains
  • Clay modelling tool
  • Easy instructions
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