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Rainbow High Season 5 Olivia Woods

Rainbow High Season 5 Olivia Woods

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Rainbow High Season 5 Olivia Woods
  • Contents: 1x fashion doll, 1x doll outfit, 1x pair of doll shoes, 1x laptop, 1x make up pallet, 1x lipstick, 3x brushes, 1x cell phone, 1x cell phone holder & 1x doll stand
  • Dimensions: 28H cm
  • The Olivia Woods doll is dressed in green from head to toe
  • Olivia comes with key essentials so her model makes it to the runway on time
  • Check out her green curled hair, long eye-lashes & glass eyes
  • This fashion doll is fully articulated with great poses
  • Stand her up on the included doll stand
  • Packaged in a luxe box that features a unique design
  • Pro Tip - Once unboxed, wash doll's hair to remove styling gel
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